September 4th – Award Winners

GEORGE M. COHAN TONIGHT!, Jon J Peterson (United States)
Best Narrative Feature

Beta, Kevin M Turner (United States)
Best Narrative Short

Zephyr, Théo Deprez (France)
Best Student Film

JUSTIN MULFORD || DEAD MAN WALKING, Ryan Marcus (United States)
Best Documentary Short

Downriver, Andrea Boll (Switzerland)
Best Experimental Short

Being A Dog, Felix Swahn (Sweden)
Best Animation Short

ILAM – DODO, Jean-Vital Joliat (Canada)
Best Music Video

Rhys Shepherd, TARKINE TOGETHER (Australia)
Best Director (Feature)

Celia Jaspers, Milk (New Zealand)
Best Director (Short)

Sam Janot, Love exhaustion (Switzerland)
Best First Time Director 

Margarita Alexandraki, Death Times Two (Greece)
Best Screenplay (Short)

Aubree Bouche, Beta (United States)
Best Actress

Margarita Sanchez, Love exhaustion (Switzerland)
Best Supporting Actress

Javier Jones, Mungo (Australia)
Best Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Elizabeth Lloyd, Sclera Absentia (United States)
Best Producer

Théo Deprez, Zephyr (France)
Best Cinematography

Ryan Marcus, JUSTIN MULFORD || DEAD MAN WALKING (United States)
Best Editor

Leah Marie Puffenberger, The Past is a Graveyard (United States)
Best Sound Design

Joe Kraemer, Sclera Absentia (United States)
Best Original Music

David Polcino, Sclera Absentia (United States)
Best Visual Effects

Rachele Terrinoni, Royal Beasts (United Kingdom)
Best Costume & Production Design

The Postcard, Mike Sorrinni (United States)
Best Unproduced Script (Feature)

Devil’s Ridge, Geoffrey Gould (United States)
Best Unproduced Script (Short)


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